About Digitizing Hut

Digitizing Hut was founded in 2004 as a service provider for digitizing and vector art. We are company which mainly provides services in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and many more countries. As there is sever price war going on and no one is giving priority to the quality. Therefore the aim and focus of Digitizing Hut is to provide the Best quality at reasonable price. For this purpose we have specialized teams of digitizers and vector artists each of them having 7-9 years experience of their respective fields. Who really work hard to provide you high quality enviable services. We have a strong collaboration among Digitizers, Sales, and support and admin staff along with an excellent customer support. Our motive is to make every customer 100% satisfied.

Digitizing Hut is not only the largest but also the most experienced provider of embroidery digitizing, vector artwork and image editing. Using our expertise we deliver the highest quality on time, and our system makes ordering and managing design files easy.

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Our Mission

To provide exceptional quality with excellent customer service in a fast and friendly manner.

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